Job seekers job seekers everywhere… but not a job to take! The pandemic and its many consequences have been the main  concerns for most of us for the past year. Struggling through unemployment and underemployment, for most job seekers job application services have offered a beacon of hope.

Job Seekers V/S Job Vacancy Data

According to the Australian Bureau Of Statistics and Department of Employment,

Ratio of job seekers to job vacancies: 1 to 20.69 in June 2020

1,640,773 competing for 79,281 job vacancies

Ratio of job seekers to job vacancies: 1 to 15.39 in August 2020

1,614,412 competing for 104,880 job vacancies

Although these stats show a fair improvement of the number of job seekers v/s vacancies yet the unemployment rates are still significant and require solutions that can aid job seekers get employed faster.
With so many job portals and opportunities to explore, most job seekers face several challenges trying to reach their dream job without any help. Job Application Services provide this help by taking the burden off the job seekers and aiding them in the job application process on various portals in a customized and dedicated manner.

What Exactly Are Job Application Services?

Originating as services that recognized the many challenges faced in the job acquisition process, Job Application Services may be defined as professional services that give job seekers an added advantage by fast tracking the job application process. Some services that are usually provided include:

  • Resume Writing
  • Cover Letter Customization
  • Resume Audit
  • LinkedIn Support
  • Career Assessment & Guidance

Job seekers usually include new grads just out of college, professionals looking for salary and position upgrades and individuals who are under employed or have been laid off from their jobs. These individuals often struggle with job seeking because they can’t find the time to allocate to the tasks of scouring web pages for the right position and then applying for it by filling long application forms. Often juggling more than 2 odd jobs a day, job seekers find it difficult to direct their efforts towards the task of finding the right job, thereby ending up feeling undervalued  and frustrated.

How Do Job Application Services Actually Help?

Job Application services provide a wide spectrum of advantages and are designed to make the job seeker feel at ease while dealing with the overwhelming task of finding the job of their dreams. The Top 5 Ways Job Application Services can help include:
  • Consolidated Access To Top Job Portals and Companies

Whether you want to apply for jobs on Monster or like the list of openings on Seek, Job application services help you apply on a number of platforms and to renowned organizations easily. From selecting the positions that they are eligible for to filling up forms with page long details, job application services smoothen the journey of jobseekers to their dream job effectively.


  • Accuracy of Job Application Completion & Submission

Often filling up lengthy and extensive forms is not only physically but mentally tiring too hence, increasing the chances of errors. Opting for employment application services can help avoid errors and maintain authenticity as the service providers perform careful double checks before the submission of the forms. Service Providers like We Apply are specifically popular for maintaining the quality of the job applications.


  • Customized Applications & Resumes

When reaching out to companies with established reputations, it is pertinent to customize resumes and application details in order to catch the interest of potential employers and get an edge over other applicants. Upgraded skills and experience pay off only when they are presented and highlighted the right way in resumes and application forms. Availing employment application services can aid in getting customized resumes, cover letters and application forms across to the potential employers swiftly.


  • Streamlined Application Process

The Job Application process gets pretty messed up when job seekers aren’t able to organize their applications and follow up with companies periodically. Application service providers help streamline the job application process by providing timely updates and direct access  for application tracking so that job seekers can easily keep track of how many positions have been applied for, in which companies and what responses have been received. Moreover, job application services like those offered by We Apply cut down on the time to reach your ideal job almost by half with their comprehensive job application assistance.


  • Secure Information Storage and Transfer

A lot of the information that goes into resumes and application forms is important and needs to be kept safe. Most of the time, job seekers are not able to safely store and transmit this information, hence job application service providers could play a crucial role in maintaining the confidentiality of information along with ensuring their transfer through reliable channels.

Offering a great deal of advantages, Job application services can speed up the job acquisition process thereby effectively participating in the reduction of unemployment rates. We Apply offers top-notch job application services and is aimed at helping every job seeker reach their dream job faster. So why not give We Apply’s services a chance? Start Today by booking a free consultation on www.